Digger Cam – The new recording technology first used by FOX Sport on the racing ground

One of the most annoying topics all over the cyberworld is regarding a fictional character that Fox and the crew created. Of course, it is the infamous groundhog, Digger, who appears in the track level camera angle.

In fact, I believe Digger is getting more print action than Dale Earnhardt Jr and Jeff Gordon combined, as well as race winner Kyle Busch, or Cinderella story David Reutimann, or the potential re-emergence of 2000 champ Bobby Labonte. It is all about Digger, but the publicity is negative and that is being generous. There is even an article that was written earlier in the week entitled ‘Digger must die’. Other articles that simply mention Digger invites countless negative comments from fans that detest the little rat.

FOX Digger Cam on NASCAR Racing Ground img 2

Well, fans have found something other than boring races, late afternoon starts, terrible television coverage, Brian France, NASCAR inconsistencies, phantom cautions, conspiracy theories, DW’s ‘boogity boogity boogity’, and what ever else they can find to complain about. It is a fictional cartoon character.

NASCAR fans are no doubt the most passionate in all of sports. I love my fellow fans. In my opinion, they are the most loyal fans in the world. We have to be, because as much as we compain about the sport, we continue to tune in every single week of every single season. Loving NASCAR so much apparently raises expectations with everything in the sport. Now, I agree that NASCAR has its moments of inconsistency with their rules and judgement calls. But so does the NFL officiating (did anyone watch the Chargers and Broncos last Sept.). It is not just NASCAR guys.

I believe the telecasts have room for improvement, but it will never be perfect, and it will never please everyone. I agree that Brian France is no Bill Jr or Bill Sr. DW’s catchphrase has never bothered me, considering that it only takes five seconds and then he’s finished. If you don’t want to hear him, cover your ears for his five seconds of enthusiasm. But the Digger deal is ridiculous.

I guess fans have simply ran out of things to complain about so they are picking on little Digger. Sure, he gets in the way of the track level cam, but it is simply an extra feature that FOX has created. It is a novel idea that none of the other networks have. Kids love it, as do some adults. For me, Digger is neither here nor there. I am not going to purchase any Digger gear; but at the same time, I am not going to waste my time on NASCAR message boards trashing him either. I think FOX takes the gimmick a little further than they should at times, especially the pre-race cartoon, but it is not worth whining over. Just don’t watch it.

I can see how he could grate on the nerves of some fans, but seriously, he does not make or break the race telecast. He did not get in the way of us watching Kyle Busch duel with Clint Bowyer and Jeff Burton at Las Vegas. He did not obstruct our vision while Jeff Gordon was trying to chase down Matt Kenseth at California. He simply pops up every once in a while during the telecast roughly 38 times (according to one website) for perhaps five to ten seconds at a time (that is just an off the wall guess, I really do not count the seconds of Digger coverage). That is equivalent to some five to seven minutes of total coverage (my math may be off). There are three to four hours in almost every telecast. Go to the bathroom or go grab a beer when you see Digger pop up from the ground.

And for the ones that are still going to complain, I am not affiliated with FOX nor are they paying me, but they can if they want to.

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